SAFe® Leadership Retreat

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SAFe® Leadership Retreat:

We are excited to invite you to our three day retreat in  open-space format, reviving the series of Martin Burns, dedicated to leadership in SAFe® including Agile Product Management (APM) and Lean Portfolio Management (LPM).

The format is crafted to provide the perfect setting for exchanging insights and learning from fellow experts in the field. Leveraging our extensive experience and specialized knowledge, we are committed to ensuring you maximize your engagement and takeaways from this collaborative and enriching experience.

After the joint expert forum, all participants are invited to join our expert-community, which keeps up to date with innovations in regular sessions and discusses specific cases together to find solutions.

Applied Frameworks and KEGON will lead throughout the event together. 


In addition to Luke Hohmann (SAFe Fellow) and Thorsten Janning (SAFe Fellow), Felix Rüssel, Florian Beck, Niko Kaintantzis and Simon Chesney will moderate the event.


In the spirit of the open space format, participants are invited to contribute their topics in order to discuss practical experiences and challenges together. The aim is to find possible solutions and further develop practices and methods. 

To further reflect on our experiences and learnings, we will meet for monthly two-hour sessions after the Open Space.

Good to Know

In practice, product and portfolio responsibility are often practiced in separate roles. However, the joint consideration of both topics is of enormous importance for companies. We therefore recommend attending the entire retreat in order to bring together both perspectives from product and portfolio management. However, both Open Space sessions can also be booked individually.

This training is aimed at:

  • Business Owner
  • Consultant
  • Management / Executives (CxO)
  • Lean Portfolio Manager
  • Line Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Projekt Manager
  • SAFe® Program Consultant (SPCs) / SAFe® Practice Consultant (SPCs)
  • Solution Manager


We invite all participants of a successful ecosystem: practitioners, consultants and tool vendors.

Our goal is to provide a forum where experts in these practices can learn from each other and shape the future of Agile Product and Lean Portfolio Management. To participate, all attendees must have a current SAFe APM or LPM certification.

After attending the course, participants receive a certificate of attendance


3 Day(s) On-site training

Level / Difficulty:

Advanced, Experts, SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC)


Certificate of participation

Payment methods:

  • Invoice
  • Credit card
  • GooglePay

Lunch included in the price for on-site training:


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