Kanban System Design (KSD)

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25.11.2024 – 26.11.2024


German Meiko Bahn 1.450 EUR 1.350 EUR 14 Book

In this course you will learn the basics of Kanban systems and learn how to set up Kanban systems yourself.  You have already set up your first Kanban Board and want to go one step further? In this course you will expand your methodical knowledge about Kanban and learn the structured design of a Kanban system.
This is an official KMP1 course of the Lean Kanban University, held by an accredited Kanban Trainer. Originally developed as a method for production control, Kanban is now also indispensable in agile project management for control for better utilization, creation of higher transparency, as well as for flow optimization. Kanban makes sense where the added value in the field of knowledge (e.g. software development) depends on "invisible" work and this is only reflected in the minds of the employees, because the transfer of the head work to the elegant visualization makes a control of the work packages possible in the first place.

Learning Content

  • What is Kanban: Principles and Practices
  • Why evolutionary change?
  • Advantages of Work-In-Progress (WIP) Limitation
  • Pull systems and their implications
  • What does flow mean and how can it be improved?
  • Where can metrics help?
  • Service classes (e.g. Using Kanban to create a culture of continuous improvement (Kaizen))
  • Using Kanban roles and meetings in Kanban
  • Improve the system using examples from participants
  • Kanban systems using the Systems Thinking Approach
  • Practical exercises
  • Discussing your own questions



  • Agile basics help, but are not conditions.

Roles and functions:

  • Team members and managers who want to start a Kanban initiative, or want to get more out of their current Kanban system. 

A "Certificate of Completion" is awarded for participation in the KSD training. Participants who have completed the Kanban System Design (KSD) and Kanban Systems Improvements (KSI) training receive the "Kanban Management Professional" certificate. The price for the certification is included in the training fees.


2 Day(s) On-site training
2 Day(s) Remote training

Level / Difficulty:

Beginners, Advanced



Payment methods:

  • Invoice
  • Credit card
  • GooglePay

Required Tools:

Access to the necessary tools is provided by KEGON for the training.

  • Zoom
  • Miro
  • Slack
  • Menti

Lunch included in the price for on-site training:


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