Webinar: Agile for Physical Product Development

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Build cyber-physical products, hardware, machines, modules and components with agile teams? Yes, it is possible, and yes, it has been done by many leading companies in their industries.

But what is different from using Agile in software development? What changes when you operate in an industry with long lead times, highly skilled specialists and a myriad of vendors and external suppliers?

Join this webinar as Ali Hajou, a long-time Agile in Hardware specialist, discusses the considerations that need to be made to operate in short, iterative, learning cycles while working with multiple engineering disciplines.

Ali has led the development of several context-specific training courses to help engineers from different engineering disciplines work on the design, industrialisation and maintenance of high-tech cyber-physical systems. In this one hour webinar, he will share his observations, learnings and mistakes to kick-start your engineering teams to benefit from Agile and Agile at Scale.

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The webinar is aimed at employees of a development organization building physical products.

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