Agile for Hardware Workshop using Industrial DevOps Principles

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20.09.2024 – 20.09.2024


English Robin Yeman 750 CHF 650 CHF 15 Book

Agile methods for safety-critical, cyber-physical systems – knowledge and tools for industry leaders and project managers

Industry leaders and project managers will explore the application of agile methods to large, safety-critical cyber-physical systems. The goal of the workshop is to equip participants with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively implement agile practices, even under the constraints of stringent safety standards and hardware integration challenges.

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of agile frameworks suitable for scaling in complex environments and learn how to adapt these methods to the unique requirements of hardware-dependent development projects. The workshop will cover important topics such as the core principles of Agile, integrating hardware into Agile cycles, and navigating the regulatory frameworks specific to the aerospace and defence industry.

Through a series of interactive modules, including case studies, group discussions and problem-solving exercises, participants will learn how to overcome common obstacles to agile transformations and how to foster an agile culture in traditionally rigid environments. Special emphasis will be placed on strategies for continuous integration, iterative testing and hardware backlog management.

This workshop provides not only theoretical understanding, but also practical insights and actionable strategies, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their project management in safety-critical systems development. Join us to bridge the gap between agile theory and its practical application in the most demanding environments.

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Learning Content

  • Agile principles applied to cyber-physical systems
  • Introduction to the nine principles of Industrial DevOps
  • Challenges for large, safety-critical, cyber-physical systems
  • Overcoming complexity with systems thinking
  • Engineering for safety and compliance with legal regulations
  • Building safety into the baseline
  • Management of lead times through automation
  • Collaboration and communication

This training is aimed at:

  • Agile Coaches
  • Release Train Engineers (RTEs)
  • SAFe® Program Consultant (SPCs) / SAFe® Practice Consultant (SPCs)


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