How to combine Automotive SPICE® and the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®)

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Being agile in business and at the same time complying with standards such as Automotive SPICE® or ISO 26262 - these are the characteristics of a strong development organization in the automotive industry. The compatibility of Automotive SPICE® with agile development approaches is often viewed critically. This skepticism is usually due to the fact that the SPICE®-compliant process model used to date has little in common with agile scaling frameworks such as SAFe®. In practice, however, the points of friction are reduced to a few individual aspects, since systems engineering and the verifications required for Automotive SPICE are largely independent of the process model used.
In this webinar, we will give a brief overview of the Automotive SPICE® assessment model and the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), and then present proven concepts and practical solutions for the most common challenges.

Learning Content

  • What is a "project" in SAFe®?
  • Are backlog items requirements for systems engineering?
  • Where does quality assurance take place?
  • What happens to the classic roles?
  • How are the expenses for Automotive SPICE dealt with?


The webinar is aimed at employees of a development organization in the automotive industry who work in an agile environment.

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