Coaching Skills for Agile Leaders

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28.06.2023 – 29.06.2023


German Susanne Bauer 1.190 EUR 15 Book

11.12.2023 – 12.12.2023


German Susanne Bauer 1.190 EUR 1.090 EUR 15 Book

In the agile world, there are many roles that require leadership skills but presuppose a new self-image. Agile leadership is expected, among other things, to function without command and at the same time to promote the potential of employees. To achieve this, managers can draw on the proven tools of business coaching. However, it is not only about the application of tools, but also about one's own attitude and the changed understanding of the leadership role. All this is covered in our workshop "Coaching Skills for Managers". Coaching skills are not only helpful in disciplinary leadership situations, but also enable leadership without a supervisor function (e.g. as a product owner or agile coach).   

 In this workshop we will shed light on:

Learning Content

  • The role of the leader, the role of the coach and how to combine them.
  • What basic attitudes and behaviors underlie systemic coaching.
  • How different tools and techniques from coaching can be applied in a leadership context.
  • In addition, you will immediately practise how to apply what you have learned in practiceYou will gain a basic understanding of how coaching benefits leadership in agile organisations and learn what further development in this area looks like.

Learning Objectives

  • In this 2-day workshop, participants will learn the basics of systemic coaching and understand the benefits it brings to leadership.
  • You reflect on your role as a leader and can integrate coaching elements.
  • You will learn basic tools and techniques from systemic coaching and apply them right away.
  • You will gain a basic understanding of how coaching benefits leadership in agile organizations and learn what further development in this area looks like.

This training is aimed at:

  • Agile Coaches
  • SAFe® Program Consultant (SPCs) / SAFe® Practice Consultant (SPCs)
  • Scrum Master


Openness and willingness to learn



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Certificate of participation

Payment methods:

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  • Credit card
  • GooglePay

Required Tools:

 Access to the necessary tools is provided by KEGON for the training.

  • Zoom
  • Miro
  • Slack
  • Menti

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