SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management (LPM)

Date Location Language Trainer Price (Net) Places available

25.06.2024 – 26.06.2024


Nassauer Hof, Kaiser-Friedrich-Platz 3-4, 65183 Wiesbaden

German Thorsten Janning 2.090 EUR 1.990 EUR 12 Book

08.07.2024 – 10.07.2024


English Niko Kaintantzis, Konrad Swistelnicki 2.090 EUR 13 Book

26.08.2024 – 27.08.2024


German David Baer 1.990 CHF 1.890 CHF 15 Book

26.08.2024 – 28.08.2024


English Florian Beck 2.090 EUR 1.890 EUR 15 Book

09.09.2024 – 10.09.2024

Dorint Hotel am Heumarkt, Pipinstraße 1, 50667 Cologne

English Konrad Swistelnicki, Ali Hajou 2.090 EUR 1.890 EUR 15 Book

25.09.2024 – 26.09.2024

Campus FFHS, Gleisarena, Zollstrasse 17, 8005 Zurich

German Niko Kaintantzis 1.990 CHF 1.890 CHF 13 Book

08.10.2024 – 09.10.2024


German Thorsten Janning 2.090 EUR 1.890 EUR 15 Book

05.11.2024 – 06.11.2024

Campus FFHS, Gleisarena, Zollstrasse 17, 8005 Zurich

English David Baer 1.990 CHF 1.890 CHF 15 Book

05.11.2024 – 07.11.2024


German Rene Hussong, Malte Kumlehn 2.090 EUR 1.890 EUR 15 Book

10.12.2024 – 11.12.2024


German Florian Beck 2.090 EUR 1.890 EUR 15 Book

11.12.2024 – 12.12.2024

Campus FFHS, Gleisarena, Zollstrasse 17, 8005 Zurich

German David Baer 1.990 CHF 1.890 CHF 15 Book

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Corporate strategy and decentralized implementation closely together, that's what Lean Portfolio Management is all about. In this interactive training course, you will learn how you can use concrete practices to successfully lead your portfolio and thus increase the value of your agile transformation.

The two-day training conveys the principles and practices of Lean Portfolio Management and helps portfolio managers to recognize where exactly the difference lies between classic and Lean project portfolio management. The experienced KEGON trainers also report on their many years of experience of corresponding transformation processes.

You will learn how to use the ‘Portfolio Canvas’ tool to visualize, communicate and structure your portfolio and which important business initiatives will develop it further. Participation in this training will enable you to use the ‘Portfolio Kanban’ to bring transparency to portfolio initiatives and reduce the time to market. The training also provides an insight into the determination of the value stream budget and the definition of the associated framework conditions and key figures to measure the performance of the lean portfolio.

The LPM training is supplemented by a one-day ‘Getting Started with LPM’ workshop. This separate workshop serves as a team kick-off with the change agents who have the mandate to the introduction of Lean Portfolio Management. The workshop helps with practical planning for the introduction of LPM in the context of the organization. Here together with the implementation team, the LPM Adaptation roadmap is being processed and in addition to tools even best practices is given to support and start the introduction of LPM in your organization.

Learning Content

  • Principles of lean portfolio management
  • Basic practices and tools for establishment of LPM
  • Practical exchange for the effective introduction of Lean Portfolio Management
  • Utilisation of practices such as Portfolio Canvas to develop and improvement of the portfolio and the Portfolio Kanban to establish a structured portfolio flow as well as Budget Guardrails as a framework for fast and decentralised decisions
  • Determination of value stream budgets
  • Relevant key figures for the transparency of portfolio performance
  • Practical planning in the workshop ‘Getting Started with LPM’ workshop (optional)

Learning Objectives

  • Establishing the connection between the portfolio and the company
  • Ensure that the portfolio vision and schedule are maintained
  • Set up lean budgets and guidelines
  • Ensuring the flow at portfolio level

This training is aimed at:

Executives, decision-makers, portfolio managers and specialists who work in the field of portfolio management

  • Business Owner
  • Change Agents
  • Consultant
  • Epic
  • Management / Executives (CxO)
  • LACE Team
  • Lean Portfolio Manager
  • Line Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Projekt Manager
  • Product Owner / Product Manager
  • Release Train Engineers (RTEs)
  • SAFe® Program Consultant (SPCs) / SAFe® Practice Consultant (SPCs)
  • Solution Manager
  • Organizational Developer


All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience. However, the following recommendations will make the training more significantly more productive:

  • Familiarity with Agile concepts and principles
  • Attended Leading SAFe® or SAFe® PO/PM course
  • Experience working in a SAFe® environment

What is included?

  • Course documents
  • After successful completion of the exam, participants receive the SAFe® Lean Portfolio Manager certificate
  • Access to SAFe® Collaborate, a visual online workspace
  • One year access to SAFe® Studio with the first participation in a SAFe® training course
  • Access to the optional workshop "First Steps with LPM"

You can find all exam details here.
All info about the Membership Renewals can be found here.
All information on Professional Development Units (PDU's) and Scrum Education Units can be found here.

Frequently asked questions:

How does the certification take place?
  • Certification takes place after the training and successful completion of the online examination.
How do I register for the online exam?
  • The respective email address of the course participant is required for registration for the online examination. This will be requested with the list of participants before the training. Activation or admission to the examination   usually takes place on the last day of the training.
How do I get my access data to the SAFe® Community Platform?
  • Participants will receive their access data to the SAFe® Community Platform of Scaled Agile, Inc. based in Boulder (USA) and to the online examination by email.
When do I have to have completed my online exam?
  • Participants can take the online certification exam within 30 days.
Is participation in the examination compulsory?
  • Participation is optional.
How do I get my certificate after a successful exam?
  • After passing the exam, the certificate is made available for download in the participant's personal user profile.


2 Day(s) On-site training
3 Day(s) Remote training

Level / Difficulty:




Payment methods:

  • Invoice
  • Credit card
  • GooglePay

Required Tools:

Access to the necessary tools is provided by KEGON for the training.

  • Zoom
  • Miro
  • Slack
  • Menti

Lunch included in the price for on-site training:


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